Business Finance

Business finance can be just as complex and multi-faceted as the day-to-day challenges of business

Our team have wide-ranging commercial experience, so they understand the drivers that underpin the need for funding. Here are just some of the issues Global Pacific can help you with:


Capital item purchases

Adding a new asset without over-burdening your balance sheet.


Management buyouts

Enabling owners to exit while providing a pathway for fresh talent to take things to the next level.


Raising finance on existing equity

Using today’s success to fund tomorrow’s growth while keeping debt under control.


Business leases

Finding the most suitable leasing arrangements to secure the future of your enterprise.


Joint Venture arrangements

Crafting a partnership that spreads risk and reward in an equitable way.



If you’re butting up against limits with your current lender, we’ll use our unmatched database of bank and non-bank lenders to find alternatives.


Equity partnerships

Bringing together the best team with the right mix of funding.

The best partnerships start with a meeting of minds. Please read our testimonials to see why our clients love working with us.

Want to know more about us?

Want to know more about us?

Need more information? Get in touch with us

Need more information? Get in touch with us