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“I got in touch with Global Pacific Capital when I needed financing to subdivide my land, a project requiring millions of dollars. They demonstrated professionalism and experience right from the start. They quickly understood the scope of my project and secured the necessary funding with terms that were manageable and favourable to me. Working with them was a straightforward and easy process. I am thoroughly pleased with how they handled everything, allowing me to proceed with the subdivision without any financial hitches.


The expertise and direct communication provided by them was exactly what I needed to push this project forward. I highly recommend Global Pacific Capital to anyone looking for reliable and substantial financing for large-scale property developments.


Dave Witt
Property Investor/Developer

“I approached Global Pacific Capital for a loan to purchase and develop land into a commercial property. Their team was straightforward and efficient, securing the financing I needed under terms that worked perfectly for my project’s budget and timeline. The process was clear from start to finish, and their expertise in handling significant financial arrangements was evident. Thanks to Global Pacific, I was able to move forward with my development plans without any delay. I highly recommend their services for serious developers needing substantial funding solutions.


Property Developer

“I secured an excellent deal on my business loan thanks to the efficient and direct support from the Global team. Their professionalism and straightforward approach greatly simplified the loan process, ensuring I received the best possible terms quickly and without any hassle. A big thank you to the team at Global Pacific Capital for their dedication and clear communication throughout the entire process.


Kerry Taylor
Business Owner

“I really appreciated the straightforward and honest advice I received from the team at Global Pacific Capital. Their approach was very direct, which made sorting my loan application out a lot easier. It’s clear they value transparency and customer understanding, which made all the difference in my experience with them.


Bradley Mitchel

“I was employed as the Project Manager for a $50m + apartment complex on Auckland’s North Shore. The project ran into a number of hurdles, including funding. Global Pacific were employed to arrange the facilities to complete the purchase of the properties, then introduce a development funder.


At a time when the traditional Banks were pulling back on their exposure to the New Zealand development funding markets, Global were able to introduce an offshore funder enabling the project to proceed. They showed an ability to think innovatively, outside the gambit of a lot of this countries traditional funders, and acted in a professional manner. I would recommend them to other clients.”


Alistair Taylor
Blackwater Consulting Limited

“After being turned down by my bank and a number of other mainstream lenders, I asked Global Pacific to put together the funding to purchase two adjacent bare land blocks for subdivision. They swung the deal to a new lender and secured a six-month Cap Interest deal of approximately $3.7 million to settle both the land purchases. Further funding was also required to complete the seven-lot subdivision, enabling me to bring it to market.


Upon completion but with minimal pre-sales and know 224c they managed to refinance the deal back to a new mainstream lender in record time and save us considerable penalty interest and additional costs. Global Pacific also provided ongoing strategic selling advice to generate section enquiries and pre-sales. We could not have done it without their professionalism and downright tenacity.”


Amanda O’Connor
Commando Contracting Ltd

The best partnerships start with a meeting of minds. Contact us now to learn how we can support your investment goals with our financing services.

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Want to know more about us?

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