Rural Finance

Our brokers know how to deliver finance for a range of rural ventures

If you’re seeking to improve production, change land use or create more value from your rural assets, Global Pacific will work to find the optimum funding solution.


We have worked with farm-based businesses that identified the potential to refinance and create some lifestyle titles for sale. When the banks declined to get involved we stepped in and provided working capital to bring things to fruition. We have also assisted dairy farms with a range of refinancing options.

In other cases, we have worked closely with horticulture and aquaculture businesses to invest in higher production and realise the potential of their assets. Stock finance, agricultural contracting, run-off blocks, quarry acquisitions and forestry finance are just a few of the ventures we have facilitated in recent years.

Subdividing Farm Land

Subdividing farm land involves dividing a larger agricultural parcel into smaller lots, potentially for various uses including residential development, selling, or individual farming operations. This process can unlock significant value, making under-utilised sections of land more marketable and accessible for diverse purposes. Achieving this requires careful planning, understanding local zoning laws, and securing the right financing. Non-bank lenders, like Global Pacific, offer specialised financing solutions that cater to the unique needs of farm land subdivision, providing the flexibility and expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of such projects. With the support of experienced brokers and advisers, property owners can transform their agricultural land into profitable ventures, ensuring financial viability and strategic growth.

Farmland Development

Farmland development encompasses a range of activities aimed at enhancing the value and productivity of agricultural land. This could include the construction of new farm buildings, irrigation systems, crop diversification, or the development of agri-tourism ventures. Financing such projects requires a deep understanding of both the agricultural sector and rural property finance. Global Pacific offers bespoke financial solutions designed to support farmers and landowners in realising their development goals. With access to a wide range of non-bank funding options, our clients can secure the necessary capital for their projects under terms that respect the seasonal nature of agricultural income and the long-term perspective needed for successful farmland development.

Rural Finance FAQs

Navigating rural finance raises numerous questions, from the basics of securing a loan for farm purchase to understanding the financial implications of developing rural land. Prospective borrowers often inquire about the types of loans available for rural properties, the application process, and how interest rates compare to urban financing solutions. Global Pacific's team of financial experts is equipped to address these queries, offering insights into the best practices for securing rural finance, whether for buying property, land bank funding, or farm development. With a focus on non-bank lending solutions, we ensure our clients have access to flexible, competitive financing options tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of rural property investment.

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