Property Development

Global Pacific has worked closely with property developers throughout New Zealand for over 25 years

Our structured funding packages have helped drive residential, commercial and industrial developments worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


We are equally adept at working with boutique developments and large-scale subdivisions. We can assist with anything from a three or four-unit residential fill-in to a multi-storey apartment complex or a comprehensive redevelopment of an industrial site.


There are some specialist properties that require a different approach, such as retirement villages, hotels and education facilities. With institutional obstacles and high loan to valuation requirements that restrict the ability of banks to lend through the normal channels, our access to other lenders can open up new possibilities.


Advice is central to our service, and this extends to guiding you through the consent process and putting you in touch with professionals such as lawyers. Even an experienced developer can run into barriers that have never been encountered on previous projects, but our team has seen it all.

Construction Loans

Construction loans are essential for developers looking to start new building projects, providing the necessary funds to cover the costs of materials, labour, and other expenses associated with construction. These loans are typically released in stages based on project milestones, ensuring a steady cash flow. Working with a knowledgeable finance broker can help secure the best mortgage terms, leveraging strong lender relationships to find competitive rates and flexible repayment options. Construction financing is a critical component for both residential and commercial property development, enabling projects to proceed without financial hitches.

Commercial Property Development

Commercial property development focuses on developing buildings designated for business use, including retail centres, office buildings, and industrial facilities. These projects demand significant upfront capital and expertise in commercial finance, zoning laws, and market demands. Developers must work closely with financial advisers and brokers to secure commercial property finance at rates that reflect the risk and potential return of the investment. The complexity of commercial development projects often requires innovative financing solutions, including non-bank lending options, to bring these ventures to fruition.

Residential Property Development

Residential property development encompasses the planning, construction, and marketing of new homes, ranging from single-family dwellings to multi-unit apartment complexes. Successful residential development projects require a comprehensive approach to financing, market analysis, and project management. Leading financiers like Global Pacific Capital will navigate the funding landscape, ensuring access to capital for construction, land acquisition, and project completion. The goal is to create desirable living spaces that meet market demand while achieving a profitable return on investment.

Land Bank Funding

Land bank funding offers investors and developers the opportunity to purchase land for future development. This strategic investment allows for the acquisition of property at current market prices, with the intent to develop or sell as the market appreciates. Utilising land bank funding requires a deep understanding of market trends and potential growth areas. Financial advisors play a key role in identifying viable land banking opportunities and securing financing that aligns with investment goals, often involving complex negotiations and bespoke financing solutions.

Subdividing Property

Subdividing property involves dividing a larger tract of land into smaller parcels for sale or development. This process can maximise land value and provide tailored development opportunities but requires careful planning and financial strategy. Financing for subdividing property often involves a mix of land acquisition loans and construction financing, depending on the project's scope. Expert financial advice is crucial to structuring the financing in a way that aligns with development timelines and market conditions, ensuring the subdivision project is both feasible and profitable.

Apartment Developments

Apartment developments are a specialised segment of residential property development, focusing on multi-family housing units within a single building or complex. These projects cater to the growing demand for urban living solutions and require a unique approach to financing and design. Developers must secure construction loans that accommodate the scale and complexity of apartment projects, with terms that allow for the phased release of funds. Working with experienced financiers like Global Pacific, who understand the nuances of apartment development can help secure the necessary capital to complete these large-scale residential projects successfully.

Property Development FAQs

Navigating the world of property development brings up numerous questions, from securing initial financing to understanding zoning regulations. Developers and investors often seek clarity on the best types of loans for their projects, how to assess the viability of a development site, and strategies for managing construction costs. Global Pacific Capital is an invaluable resource for answering these FAQs, offering insights into the latest lending practices, interest rate trends, and property investment opportunities. Their expertise supports developers throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring informed decisions are made at every stage.

The best partnerships start with a meeting of minds. Contact us now to learn how we can support your investment goals with our financing services.

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